Society for Case Research Spring Conference MBAA

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David K.W. Chu, Thomas M. Patton

Wake Me Up When It’s Over: Remaking a Nightmare of a Management Team

George Delaney has some decisions to make. As the recently appointed CEO of a troubled medical products company, his job is to engineer a turnaround of the business. But with whom? Having previously managed companies where he instituted principled leadership as the bedrock of team performance, he is faced with a new cast of characters unfamiliar with this style. George has extensively interviewed each member of his leadership team as well as many of their direct reports, gathering information about his key players. Much of it is contradictory. George needs a plan on how to form his leadership team. How does he decide who can drive the success of the business and does he need to compromise his long-held beliefs that company culture tops the business talents of the team he has inherited?