Society for Case Research Spring Conference MBAA

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Joy Iroegbu (student, beginner) Prescott C. Ensign (faculty, experienced casewriter)

Vaccine Hesitancy: Employers, Employees, and BIPOC Considerations

Vaccine hesitancy was a growing health concern worldwide. It referred to the delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite the availability of vaccine services. The pandemic which had affected the worldwide population has raised concerns causing ethical dilemmas for both employers and employees. Using organizations such as Morgan Stanley and Houston Methodist Hospital, the case highlights the dilemmas that were experienced in firms/workplaces. The right to self-determination was a basic human right to which every person was entitled. However, the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine and its implementation in the year 2021 had acted to take away said rights from citizens who did not want to take part in vaccinations. This led to a large amount of discourse in ethnicity as it pushed people towards taking a vaccine that they may not be willing or interested in receiving. Usually, more than 90% of parents ensured that their children received routine immunizations, but recently they had been concerned about the safety and effectiveness and became unwilling and refused to put their children through the risk of the vaccines.