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Alaba Apesin, Karen Popovich

A Story of Resilience in the Face of Supply-Chain Disruption: Vermont’s Spirited Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caused businesses to rethink their products/services and operations supply chains. Although several industries experienced varying levels of disruptions, the agribusiness, and the food and beverage companies were instantly and the most negatively impacted by the pandemic. In Vermont, restaurants were closed for a short period and then had to limit their services to takeout and outdoor dining. Many Vermont bars shuttered operations because they provided mostly in-person services. The Vermont beverage companies that normally supplied these bars had to pivot and formulate new process strategies to remain relevant and in operation during the pandemic. Other industries saw sudden increases in sales, like hand sanitizer. Several beverage companies in Vermont teamed up to temporarily redesign their supply chain and processes to produce hand sanitizers, which had virtually vanished from shelves of local stores.