Society for Case Research Spring Conference MBAA

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Suzanne Dieringer, Olga Petrova, Joni Ghannadian, Britt Shirley

Nancy's Nightmare

Nancy was a student who took an exam in the Testing Center at her university because she needed extended time and a distraction-free environment. After she took the exam, she discovered that students who took the exam in the classroom accessed online resources to answer exam questions. This did not seem fair to Nancy, especially when she found out that her score on the exam was significantly lower than that of friends who took the exam in the classroom. Nancy visited her professor and hoped he would notice the difference in exam scores and address the issue. Instead, he only offered suggestions to improve her performance. Nancy wondered if she should bring this issue to the attention of her professor or if she should take future exams in the classroom and have access to the same materials her classmates did, which would violate the academic integrity policy of her university.