Society for Case Research MBAA 2023

Experience level: 
Smitha Rani Subbareddy

Scientific Biominds, LLP: What is the Best Training Method?

Scientific Biominds, LLP. was a small startup, privately held molecular diagnostic and bioinformatics firm located in Bengaluru, India, that decided to focus on improving bioinformatics training services in February 2017. Dr. Prashanth Chowdadenahalli Nagaraja (Dr. P), the managing Director of Scientific Biominds, returned from a meeting with his board of directors in May 2020, where the results of his decisions to improve bioinformatics training services were the focus. Dr. P was proud of his training improvements over two years, but in retrospect, he pondered whether his decisions could have been more effective. Students are asked to assess Dr. P's decisions from the perspectives of strategy, finance, and the effectiveness of training methods.