Society for Case Research MBAA 2023

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Alix Valenti

Making the Case for Organizational Change.

The case involves the managing partner, Doug Dickey, of a large public accounting firm named DRDA, based on the initials of first names of the founding partners, and takes place in 2017. Dickey’s vision was to expand both the size of the firm as well as the services provided to clients. The problem was that several of his longer-service management employees were not on board with these changes and were putting up barriers to implementing these changes. They had been used to a traditional structure of a CPA firm and were not eager to change their procedures or to learn new consulting areas such as pension planning and valuation services. This was a major obstacle for Dickey because without the support of his most senior employees, he believed that he would be unable to achieve his goals of growing the firm. Dickey needed to come up with a solution fast to convince these employees that was in their best interest to stay and embrace his changes.