Society for Case Research MBAA 2023

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Jason Kight, JD/MBA

“I won’t play for NIL” – Collegiate Athletes Decisions on Name, Image, and Likeness

(Embryo Case) High school athlete Archie Stafford is an elite prospect, being a four year varsity letterman in both football and baseball (quarterback and relief pitcher). He is an extremely charismatic, likable individual who can likely go pro in both baseball and football. He is passionate about both football and baseball, and wants to maximize his career earnings. He has several NIL deals that have been offered by boosters connected to his top three schools and he is wavering over which school and deal to choose. He also has some academic and behavioral issues which could impact the selection he chooses and the overall value of the deals. Undergraduate and graduate students in sport management, business law, and sports law and those who seek to be in an advisory role with high school and collegiate athletes will have the opportunity to understand, analyze, and discuss Name, Image, and Likeness issues as well as contractual principles applicable to the recruitment process.