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Kristi M. Bockorny, PhD Northern State University Kristi.bockorny@northern.edu 1200 South Jay Street Aberdeen, SD 57401 605-626-3001 Salvador G. Villegas, DBA Northern State University Sal.villegas@northern.edu 1200 South Jay Street Aberdeen, SD 57401 605-626-2202

COVID-19: Is There a Human Resource Dilemma?

This critical incident describes the conflict that can occur within an organization when a new Human Resources issue develops. In 2020, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) was discovered in the United States and significantly changed the workplace. Individual states established regulations and guidelines regarding quarantine. This caused operational issues for employers that operated in multiple states. Dawson Financial operates in multiple states and found itself in a situation where employees had similar exposure to COVID-19, but received different quarantine recommendations from their doctors. These recommendations caused issues for Dawson Financial as state-specific quarantine guidelines mandated different amounts of time off from work after exposure and/or illness from COVID-19. This critical incident analyzed Dawson Financial's options.