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Claire L. McCarty

Cheerleaders: Fired over Zoom

Cheerleaders: Fired over Zoom Claire L. McCarty, University of Wisconsin-River Falls Abstract The Washington Football Team cheerleaders were abruptly told their program was over with a faceless Zoom call. Their contracts would not be renewed. The cheerleaders were put on mute, so they could not even ask any questions. In 4 minutes, those on the call saw their careers evaporate. Others didn’t find out until several hours later. The women were left shocked and upset. Learning Outcomes In completing this assignment, students should be able to: 1. Describe the different forms of organizational justice (including distributive justice, procedural justice, and interactional justice). 2. Analyze this situation by applying organizational justice principles. 3. Analyze this situation using types/bases of trust. 4. Evaluate and articulate the responsibility of employers in termination. Application This descriptive incident is appropriate for use in Management/Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management courses covering the subjects of organizational justice theories, trust, and/or termination. Key Words Organizational justice, trust, termination, management over video call. Contact Claire McCarty, College of Business & Economics, University of Wisconsin–River Falls, 410 S. Third Street; River Falls, WI 54022. Email claire.mccarty@uwrf.edu. Phone 715-425-4418.