Society for Case Research MBAA 2020

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Jennifer Duegaw, Furkan Oztanriseven, PH.D.

Inditex: The Profitable and Sustainable Supply Chain Dilemma

Within the fashion industry recently, the supply chains of fast fashion companies have become the model of profitability and efficiency while increasingly maintaining a high level of unsustainability. Inditex, the world’s largest retailer group, currently leads the market globally with it’s most famous store Zara, known for its uber-trendy low-quality clothing, accessories, and shoes for everyone. Over the past couple of years, Inditex has been setting more sustainable goals and processes in place to keep current customers and entice the next generation of informed consumers who are choosing not to purchase from fast fashion companies thereby leading to the many recent downfalls of several of these brands worldwide. In order to maintain profits in both the short term and the long term, the push towards integrating sustainability into the already efficient supply chain could be integral.