Society for Case Research MBAA 2020

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Joseph Bamber, Rick Holaway, Joe Ivey

The Good Fill - a unique “zero waste” business deals with unexpected success and potential expansion opportunities

This case study follows a female social entrepreneur on her journey as she starts a zero-waste retail business and deals with unexpected press and success. Based on interviews with the entrepreneur and her family, this case puts students in the decision making process, taking into account questions of business mission and purpose, sustainability, expansion opportunities, and work-life balance. The case features an accompanying website with press articles and videos, a case timeline, financial documents, product prices, and links to other resources. The case is intended to be taught in a team format with each team advocating for a potential scenario in the decision making process. This case is suitable for students in upper class courses in strategy, management, entrepreneurship, or social entrepreneurship. Here is a link to the case website: