Society for Case Research MBAA 2020

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Dr. Audrey J Murrell, Dr. Ray Jones, Dr.Gloria Onosu, Lauren Bischsel

An Expensive Proposition for Local Sourcing

Mr. Jamie Moore, the Director of Sourcing and Sustainability for Eat’n Park, is looking to expand the company’s FarmSource Program, and he recently received a proposition from Acme farm that will increase their meat supply by 10%. The Eat’n Park FarmSource is a purchasing program that allows Eat’n Park to define the perimeters for sourcing local produce. Since the introduction of the food safety modernization act (FSMA), many of the meat processing facilities around Pittsburgh, where Eat’n Park has its operations, have had to shut down because they failed to meet safety requirement standards. The lack of meat processors in the region is making it increasingly challenging for Eat’n Park to source local meat supply for its FarmSource program.