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College Reunion

When he had been asked to join the planning committee for his 20-year college reunion, Angelo had immediately replied with an enthusiastic “YES!” In particular, Angelo had agreed to lead the planning process for the Friday Gala event that kicked off the reunion weekend for his class, and there were two immediate and important decisions that had to be made. First of all, the committee needed to set the ticket price for the Friday Gala, which was being held at the chic downtown Spanish bistro/bar Desperadoes. This price would be communicated to the attendees in a mailing that would be going out next week (and in the email reminders that would follow). Once the price had been set, it could not be changed. Secondly, the committee also needed to determine what food to serve – and how much money to spend on it. Gabrielle Brennan, the Events Director at Desperadoes, had sent over several different catering options, with prices ranging from $10 to $30 per person. The menu also needed to be finalized in the next few days so that this information could be communicated in the mailing to the class, but Gabrielle had explained that Desperadoes would not need a final headcount estimate until the week of the event (and that they could be accommodating if a few more people showed up unexpectedly on the night of the event).