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Joaquim Teodoro Romão de Oliveira, Fernando Artur Nogueira Silva

Evaluation of the performance of the concrete with use of aggregate of Construction and Demolition Waste - CDW

One of the big problems of the urban centers of the cities in Brazil and growth of the generation of the Construction and Demolition Waste - CDW. The present paper studies the viability of the use of the CDW as aggregate for the concrete. The samples elaborated had been collected specimens and evaluated the performance of concrete through the compressive strength, ultrasonic pulse velocity and rebound hammer. The samples had been gotten of a vertical workmanship in the Metropolitan Area of Recife in the phase would intermediate, during the rise of the structure and place of the masonry and the recycling plant of Petrolina City. The specimens had been molded in the cylindrical format with average dimensions of 0,10m of diameter and 0,20m of height, using gotten natural aggregates and with from CDW, having coarse aggregates the same grain size distribution and same water/cement ratio. The results indicate that the resistance of the concrete with the use of aggregates of CDW is lesser of what gotten with natural aggregates and bigger water/cement ratio to get one same plasticity and the rupture occurs among aggregate.