IAJBS 23rd Annual World Forum University of Namur, Namur, Belgium

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Session 4.c – Posters – Interaction with authors

Chair: Jim Joseph, Global Jesuit Case Series April Atwood (Seattle University). “A consideration of the ‘social’ dimension of sustainable business.” Sarah Cabral (Boston College). “Charging the rich to feed the poor.” Kent Hickman (Gonzaga University). “Corporate Social Responsibility Controversies and Director Reputation.” Joan Lee (Fairfield University). “Ignatian Tools for Ethical Leadership.” Siegfried Kiel Sañez (Ateneo). “Modes of Discovery: A Sustainable Business Model for Professional Boxing in the Philippines.” Marinilka Kimbro (Seattle University). “Renewable Energy Production in the United States: An Examination of Public Policy and Market Demand.” Joshua Salawu (University of Namur). “The impact of believability on service delivery in healthcare: A systematic review of the factors influencing self-service technologies.” Leire Alcaniz (Deusto University). “The role of the firm in the process of achieving integral human development.” Stafford Johnson (Xavier University). “The Sustainability of the Current Exchange-Rate System—Insights from the Mundell-Fleming Flexible and Fixed Exchange-Rate Models.”