IAJBS 23rd Annual World Forum University of Namur, Namur, Belgium

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María Angela Prialé, Vanina Farber, Martín Hernani-Merino

Mainstreaming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into Business and Management Degrees: A Case Study

The document that is presented below combines the existing literature review in the field of ethics and social responsibility (RS) teaching with a case study, through which the integration of social responsibility is analyzed, in a transversal way, in the curricula of undergraduate courses offered by a Peruvian university specialized in economics and business. A method of analysis that exploits the concept of social responsibility defined in ISO 26000 was adapted, to generate items that allow the evaluation of the approach of social responsibility in the contents of 215 mandatory courses offered by the different academic departments of the university. The courses’ review was carried out using five experts validation. The contribution of this research consists in the design of a transferable and replicable method that allows to map if a generic competence, such as social responsibility, is developed gradually throughout the entire formative process. On the other hand, through this case study, the type of results and conclusions that can be obtained through the application of the developed method is exemplified.