IAJBS 22nd Annual World Forum Jesuit Province of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

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Carlos Ballesteros

The Social Business Guidance Service: A case of learning service under the Ledesma-Kolvenbach Paradigm

The University work influences and has a presence in many areas of society: is a job generator and influences the employers’ behavior; is related to both its internal&external publics, being integrated in the society in which participates; take part in economic processes and consequently in local and regional decision-making processes; disseminates and transfers knowledge. This relationship is acquiring increased meaning and presence nowadays and has been conceptualized as SRU (Social University Responsibility), that differs from the CSR by the fact that deals with impacts that companies ignore completely: whether measuring the organizational and social impacts are common, academic, educational and cognitive impacts that require solutions to problems of pedagogical and epistemological order, are strange to business organizations. SRU is, then, the creation of a policy of ethical quality in the activities of the University community (students, faculty, administrative staff) through a responsible management education, cognitive impact, employment and the environment, in participatory dialogue with society, to promote sustainable human development.