IAJBS 22nd Annual World Forum Jesuit Province of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

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T. Handono Eko Prabowo

Managing Information Technology Base Village administration

In Indonesia, most village administrations are managed by non IT(Information Technology) base. Most village heads use conventional techniques. According to a regulation of Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs, each village uses 32 books for village administrations. The study objectives are: (1) to identify regulations related to village administrations; (2) to evaluate how village heads and village officers managing their village administration; (3) Developing IT base village administrations. The study is interdisciplinary study by involving various experts namely: management, sociology, information technology, and public administration. Community-based research approach (community-based investigations) is conducted to identify, evaluate and to gain a comprehensive understanding village administration. Furthermore, the study uses observation, interview, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) techniques with relevant stakeholders such as village heads, village officers, Village Consultative Body (BPD members), community leaders, and district government officials. The findings show that each village head has to manage 32 village administration books. These books are classified into 6: (a) Public Administration; (b) Population Administration; (c) Financial Administration; (d) Village Development Administration; (e) Administrative of Village Consultative Body (BPD); and (f) Other Administrations. IT base village administration can help effectiveness of village heads (village chiefs) on managing village administration.