IAJBS 18th Annual World Forum Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain

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Thomas Clark, Marcia Lensges, Julie Stewart

Demonstrating the Company and Personal Considerations that go into Environmental Remediation Decision-Making in an Organizational Behavior Class

Updated Abstract for Thomas Clark, Marcia Lengses & Julie Stewart, PhDs As students often see issues in terms of right and wrong, we conduct an exercise that introduces them to ethical ambiguities that can affect decision making, specifically concerning the reporting of potential environmental violations under conditions of negative profitability and high levels of uncertainty. Its learning objectives are to give students deeper insight into the realities of decision making in an ambiguous environment and to help them understand the social pressures under which corporate actors operate. It offers students class time to reflect on the role of emotions and relationships on decision making, mediated by the effect of their decisions on others for whom they might have a narrow regard, such as family and co-workers, and wide regard, such as to the community in which their plant operates. Students enjoy this exercise, commenting on the difficulties of decision making when made aware of the negative consequences to different company stakeholders