CJBE 20th Annual Meeting Creighton University

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Antonio Drommi

An Analysis of Jesuit Values and Reflection in an Online Cyber Security Program

This is a proposal for a study of several sections of online course in a Masters of Information Assurance Degree Program offered online by the College of Computer Information & Sciences at Regis University that have recently incorporated Jesuit values discussion and Reflection as a mandatory objective within each of their course offerings. Prior to June 2016 incorporating Jesuit values discussion in the Master’s program was encouraged by the administrators of the College of Computer Information & Sciences (CC&IS) but not enforced. Many full Time and Affiliated faculty have managed to focus on ethics in their courses which for CC&IS curriculum makes sense. However, what about the Jesuit values ethics, social justice, men/women for others, God in all things, and/or global awareness? How can a Computer Science or Technology related curriculum incorporate these Jesuit values discussion in their online course offerings? Let’s start by describing the degree program and its goals. The degree is a Master in Sciences in Information Assurance. What is Information Assurance? Is it computer Science? Is it Computer Information Systems or Information Technology? Is it part of Criminal Justice? Well it comprises many components from all these areas of study to focus on Cyber Security and Policy Practices. The focus is protecting the confidentiality, security, integrity and availability of data whether it is in storage, processing, or transit. There are two specializations offered for specific career tracks in cybersecurity and information assurance policy management. This degree attracts individuals that may be highly technically skilled in computer technology and information architecture design. Also, it attracts both experienced and non-experienced individuals that hope to gain managerial and policy backgrounds. Some of the students may be ex-military looking to for a new career. Also, many students in this program work for various Government agencies in the United States or may be stationed abroad. Some students are in law enforcement or they may work in the private sector for various industries including Health care and Education, and many foreign students are enrolled as well. And finally there are students with novice backgrounds eager to learn and enter the field of cyber security. In the fall of 2015 the department chair of Information Assurance contacted each lead facility regarding a curriculum review. I am the lead faculty for Risk Management Course MSIA678. Every Two years the department reviews the curriculum to make sure it complies with the latest objectives, guidelines and standards requirements. A team of two to three fulltime or affiliate faculty were assign to each course to map it to the latest guidelines. In addition, each team updated the weekly content and activities for the master course shell. A most noticeable update was the incorporation of a Jesuit Values Discussion that each student must participate in. Below is an excerpt from Week One of each Course where students include within their Introduction a Jesuit values reflection that is non-graded.