44th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop

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Oi Lin Cheung, LaCalvince Simpson

BERC’s Student Design Contest

After launching her student design contest for over two weeks, Irene was feeling a bit anxious about the possible success of the activity. She had not received any submission or inquiry from the students. She went to discuss the situation with her colleague Cal (a marketing instructor), whose office was just next door to hers. “Hey Cal, I have not heard from the students about the contest so far. Is that common across student activities like this? Is there anything to do with how the contest has been advertised and promoted so far? What do you think?” Irene asked Cal. Most students at their campus belonged to Generation Z. Irene was wondering if there was any difference between advertising to Generation Z and advertising to pre-Generation Z students. She also wanted to know how advertising of student activities differed from that of commercial goods and services.