44th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop

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Preparing for the Unknown

Amelia Watson was mourning the loss of her sister Nora, who had just recently passed from complications with COVID-19. She wanted to carry on her sister's legacy, but was unsure of how she could go about this. Additionally, Amelia’s team member Carlo, had previously dealt with issues concerning corporate wide policies and safety measures. As the directors of business solutions in the professional soccer industry, Amelia and Carlo had the responsibility to implement safety measures that were needed to prevent players and spectators from coronavirus. They were now discerning how to effectively incorporate safety measures while adhering to the financial impact that it could have on the industry. The case reports the research Watson and Harrington did before making a decision about what safety policies should be implemented to ensure the protection of all that are involved in the professional soccer industry. This case is most appropriate for courses in business analytics, marketing, and ethics.