44th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop

Experience level: 
Soni Simpson, Elmhurst University

EMBRYO CASE Sun-Source: A Case Study in Exponential Growth through Leadership Development

I am working on my EMBRYO case for SCR. This will be a very robust case regarding SunSource’s exponential growth and the role of leadership development in this growth. The questions I would like help with are as follows: • Although I have permission from the CEO to write this case, and am interviewing him, I expect there will be a balance between providing needed details and “trade secrets”. • How to maintain the story and interest throughout as providing the facts (right hook?) • Can I focus solely on this organization, or do I need to provide external forces data? • Confirm the LOs to theory as I get into the challenges they addressed along the way. • Although growth is driven by private equity/M&A activity, the success of this is attributed to “the Joining Forces” mindset and the Leadership Institute training. • I will be writing this case over the summer, so there is a possibility that the case may take a slightly different turn prior to the workshop (though unlikely).