44th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop

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Neil Tocher, Nikole Layton, Tyler Burch

Instant Oil Change Strategic Evolution: How Can Valvoline Balance Maintaining Growth and Profitability with Market Adaption?

This decision-based case debates how Valvoline should adapt its strategy to the Instant Oil Change division in an evolving car parc landscape. Notably, the instant oil change segment was highly profitable, had been growing like a western wildfire, and seemed to be better positioned than its price-focused competitors. However, while the chain had experienced unbridled success, significant market volatility lurked on the horizon. The electric vehicle transition appeared imminent, connected car technology’s emergence threatened their right to repair, and new service models may soon enable the business to go to the customer instead of the customer coming to the store. As such, the firm must identify how the Instant Oil change chain could continue to effectively add value for consumers in a changing auto market.