44th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop

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Jamie McIlwaine, Randal Schober

Innovation for impact: A case study of Project Concern International

The vice president of strategic initiatives at Project Concern International was given the go-ahead from the senior leadership and board of directors to embed innovation into the $65M budgeted nonprofit humanitarian organization. The initiative was named PCInnovAtion and included an online management tool, dedicated staff time, and related training. The vice president was charged with deploying this new initiative across all departments and programs operating in 15 countries. This case follows the development, implementation, and execution of PCInnovAtion from its creation through the first five years of implementation. The process isn’t performing up to expectations. With the hiring of a new CEO, a hard look at the viability of continuing the program had to be taken. Note - feedback at the conference in Chicago led us to create two versions. Version 1 is the same case edited down for length. Version 2 took the case and created two modules that preserved the information but made it more manageable in individual lengths.