44th Annual Society for Case Research & Global Jesuit Case Series Summer Workshop

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Cara Peters (Winthrop University), Jane Thomas (Winthrop University) *Only Cara will attend the workshop

Nicole is Prept for the Occasion, But Will She Get the Funding?

Nicole Boyd was young and ambitious. Having worked for some of the top consulting firms in the industry, Nicole had a strong background in technology consulting and strategy. However, like many of today’s professional women, she found herself at crossroads. Nicole had started a new digital service, Prept, which was growing steadily and had a proven business model, but she had planned to quickly grow the business and needed private equity funding to accomplish her goals. As Nicole distributed her proposal to some venture capital firms, she found that obtaining such funding posed a significant challenge. Nicole wondered whether her human capital and proven business model were enough to obtain the funding she needed for Prept?