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Michael Pirson, Ellen Rigsby, Ben Kacyra

What can we learn from Teilhard de Chardin about Leading for a Better World

What can we learn from Teilhard de Chardin about Leading for a Better World PURPOSE: To inspire participants to draw on Jesuit thinking to inform teaching and research on how to address current day challenges. The paper describing the workshop and the initiative on which it is based will be submitted by May 15th. The workshop and paper will 1. Summarize basics of Teilhard de Chardin’s thinking, especially the Noosphere, 2. Describe a project, Human Energy, that is dedicated to spreading Teilhard’s thinking 3. Share sample material for teaching management and communication 4. Discuss how this material can be used to teach courses within the context of the inspirational paradigm CONTEXT: Laudato Si’, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education provide the opportunity for Jesuit business schools to play a leading role in working with all the world’s business schools to create a sustainable/flourishing/regenerating world. Drawing on wisdom developed over time, professors can invite students into a powerful conversation on discernment and leadership that is unique and timely. WORLD FORUM SESSION: In the symposium/workshop, we will outline the thinking of Teilhard de Chardin with a focus on the Noosphere. We will describe the initiatives on reviving and recontextualizing Teilhard’s thinking for current day teaching and share some sample video material for discussion. (see Human Energy Project). We then engage in a conversation on how to use existing materials for teaching purposes as well as identify gaps that can be fulfilled going forward. SUPPORTING SESSIONS: This workshop is one of a series of similar conference workshops proposed the Eastern Academy of Management, Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education, IESE Business Ethics, UN PRME, and Academy of Management. Those sessions seek to build a vibrant, collaborative network of business schools leading the way to a sustainable world. THE PAPER AND WORLD FORUM SESSION: The paper and speakers in the sessions will focus on: - Providing a background on Teilhard de Chardin, his thinking and its relevance - Will focus on the 3rd story of the universe, the emerging techno social dilemma and the concept of the noosphere - It will further the idea of Human Energy and how to harness and harvest it by presenting a consilience of knowledge about where human beings come from, who we are and where we are going - Situated in this context we propose topical approaches to how Teilhards thinking can revolutionize human thinking in general and business school education in specific. - We will share experiences of developing and teaching this material to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students across the globe.