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Delio I. Castaneda

The Role of Attitudes and Self-Efficacy in Business Education for a Sustainable World

Abstract The paper presents the results of a systematic review that shows the most studied topics in business education, and advances of a second study in progress, that focuses on the role of two psychosocial variables, attitudes, and self-efficacy. These variables are facilitators or blockers of educational purposes, for example, to make our planet a more sustainable place. Attitudes are evaluations people make of others, things, situations, and concepts. Attitudes form a cognitive map in individuals to interpret the world and respond in that direction. Self-efficacy is an individual´s confidence in his or her abilities to execute a particular task. Self-efficacy influences how people think, feel, and act and therefore their achievements. The primary goal of the educational system is to impart knowledge and develop skills that enable students to recognize and reach their full potential. Business schools have the challenge to make students effective at achieving business results, equipping them with the competencies for the demands of their future work. Also, with the attitude to affect positively the world and the self-efficacy to make it possible. The first study was a systematic review of business education in the period 2015-2021. The research identified the most studied topics in the field, and one of them was sustainability. The second study plan to investigate the role of attitudes and self-efficacy in business education for a sustainable world.