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Frank M. Werner and James A.F. Stoner

New Pedagogy and Materials for Business Schools to Contribute to a Sustainable, Inclusive, Just, and Reconciled World

Transforming the world’s business schools into leading forces to create a sustainable, inclusive, just, and reconciled world is critical for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. A key component of this transformation is the creation and use of new pedagogy and learning materials that teach our students, and us as their instructors, how we can partner in making these changes happen and build on initiatives where they are already happening. One place where new pedagogy and materials are being developed and used is in Jesuit business schools, yet many of these developments are not yet widely known. And even in these schools we have barely begun to learn how we can partner with our own students, fellow Jesuit business schools, and non-Jesuit business schools to bring about the innovative and exciting changes we need, and want, to make, In this paper we provide background and context for this imperative, and we discuss our past work in bringing them (and us) to where we are today. We will share information on courses we have developed, textbooks we have written, ways we have partnered with our students and alumni to discover how to make desired changes, and our participation in the work inspired by the Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education. We conclude with an invitation for all who share our concerns (and all others as well) to join us and many, many others in our shared efforts to transform the world through education in the spirit (and methods) of Saint Ignatius and centuries of Jesuit teachers, researchers, and activists—“changing the world” (Lowney, 2003) this time by transforming global business education.