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Frank M. Werner, James A.F. Stoner

New Pedagogy and Materials for Business Schools to Contribute to a Sustainable, Inclusive, Just, and Reconciled World

PURPOSE: Transforming the world’s business schools into leading forces to create a sustainable, inclusive, just, and reconciled world is critical for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. A key component of this transformation is the creation and use of new pedagogical materials that teach our students, and us as their instructors, how these changes can happen and are happening. One place where new pedagogy and materials are being developed and used is in Jesuit Business Schools, yet many of these developments are not yet widely known. CONTEXT: Laudato Si’, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education provide the opportunity for Jesuit business schools to play a leading role in working with all the world’s business schools to create a sustainable/flourishing/regenerating world. THE SESSION: This submission proposes a 60 to 90 minute workshop session in which participants will share their progress and experiences in creating and/or using these new materials. We anticipate the session will proceed as follows: • Session leaders will identify the goals and format of the session. • Participants will briefly introduce themselves and say why they have chosen to attend. • Participants with materials and pedagogical experiences to share will do so followed by Q&A for/from these participants. • All session participants will join the conversation to share experiences and to identify opportunities, challenges, pedagogy and materials they are developing, and pedagogy and materials they would like to see developed. THE PAPER: The paper describing the session in more detail and identifying the new pedagogy and materials that the session organizers will discuss will be submitted by May 15th.