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Miriam Viviana Rojas

Liderazgo en busca de sentido

From the University, it is necessary to promote a new leadership of the students/graduates and that they can develop it, through value proposals, in their areas of influence to find meaning more than in "knowing" in learning to "be". In this work, the foundation of the needs of a new leadership based on an inspiring paradigm with a humanist sense is developed. The foundation of this need is analyzed in relation to the approaches of different authors and studies on leadership, as well as its impact on the organization and its people. A leadership model is offered to be the basis of application in its development in organizations. Students and graduates specialized in the strategic management of Human Resources will be able to adapt these models in their professional interventions to generate the changes that are demanded in a world where the need for an overcoming leadership approach requires an urgent solution. Likewise, in students and graduates, their own sense of transcendence as professionals and fundamentally, as people is enhanced.