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Sr. Rose Macharia


As a Congregation founded by Sisters from Ireland who like many missionaries were received not just as evangelizers, pastoral carers, educators among others but as donors as well; how do we African Sisters carry on the Charism and work to support our ministries and like St. Paul be Gospel messengers who are entrepreneurs as well. Having been appointed to set up and run an Income generation project of a ware house for garment and textile industry, came at first as a disarray having just returned from an invigorating sabbatical programme. I had expected to return to Education office or at least go into formation work with theology and formation background. Hence the mention of textile production for profit was the least I expected. Fortunately, in discernment, it became clear, what God was asking of me and all I needed was to trust in Him and enable him work and produce great fabrics both for external and spiritual beauty not to mention many other fruits of this ministry. After all, God Herself in the garden of Eden was a great designer creating us from mud and clothing our first parents (giving us dignity) after the mess with shame of sin. This enabled them to come out of the hiding and engage with God in the work of creation, tilling land and building the kingdom. The heavens tell the glory of God (ps19) and the abundance and magnanimity of goodness flows freely. And our Lord Jesus, reminds us of His , our father the chief designer with all the stunning splendour of elegance of the universe the butterflies, fishes, feathered, furred and carpet of varied plants, mountains, seas skies endless goodness all for free. Therefore how blessed to be called into a ministry blessed from the inception? When I offer my day to Jesus the first thing in the “morning offering” and allow the Lord to carry me through. When things go well to rejoice in and with him and likewise when a day is filled with disappointments to maintain my calm and peace is only possible when I handle it in and through Christ. How do I bring Christ to work place and in the evening, how do I bring all I encountered back to Christ. How do I balance work and prayer life when at times status demands us to work around the clock at Our Lady of Mercy Cheperur- Blessings in Pokot). That is as the the person in charge and working with a staff of over 50 people a mixture of professionals with degrees and others have no formal education and have been operating sewing and other machines for years to ensure they have food and their children get a good education. And as we get busy how do I bring the work ethic, Catholic/Mercy culture at a time place where covertly corruption, ethnic politics, and other ills still influence people.