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Jeanne Maika T. Virtudazo, Enrico C. Osi

Exploring Sustainable Value Co-creation in Addressing Environmental Issues in the Food and Beverage Packaging Industry

Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental challenges facing our planet today, and the Food and Beverage industry is one of the biggest contributors to this problem. In 2021, the Philippines had the highest riverine plastic emissions hence, different environmental groups are urging firms in the Philippines to adopt sustainable packaging and invest in its recovery and recycling. This study presents a qualitative approach to explore the co-creation of sustainable value between two Business-to-Business entities in the Philippines’ Food and Beverage industry. Through the conduct of semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions, involving eight managers from two B2B firms, a thematic analysis was employed. The results found five main themes that emerged in the sustainability approach of the companies towards sustainable value co-creation. These include: environmental forces, organizational factors, operationalization of sustainability, initiatives in packaging sustainability, and sustainable value co-creation through stakeholder engagement. The sub-themes reflect the specific domains within the broader themes: customer demands to supplier, consumer demands, local and international government regulations and standards, understanding of sustainability, awareness on global issues, commitment of management, resource management, observation and adoption of best practices in sustainability, waste management, stakeholder engagement, 3Rs and composability of packaging, use of paper-based alternatives, provision of alternative packaging, supplier influence on packaging material choice, collaborative product design, and open channels for knowledge exchange. By promoting collaboration, active exchange of knowledge, adoption of sustainable practices, accompanied with effective policy recommendations, the food and beverage industry can contribute to a more sustainable Philippines. Keywords: F&B industry, Sustainability, Packaging, Business