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Cledinei Clóvis de Melo Cavalheiro; Suzete Antonieta Lizote; Daiane Johann

Entrepreneurial orientation for managers of small and medium businesses

This study aimed to evaluate the dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation from the perception of managers of companies related to the Business Association of Itajaí/SC, Brazil. The descriptive research had a quantitative approach, applying a self-completion questionnaire based on Miller's model (1983) which includes entrepreneurial orientation in three dimensions: proactiveness, innovativeness and risk-taking. The respondents were 189 managers of companies located in the municipality of Itajaí in the state of Santa Catarina, related to the Business Association of Itajaí. The results showed that, analyzing all the dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation together, the predominance of the chosen options indicates that companies manifest this strategic behavior. When analyzed individually, ordered from highest to lowest average agreement, right after proactiveness comes innovativeness and then risk-taking. The findings of this study may contribute to expanding knowledge among business associations and academics, regarding the dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation, as well as contributing to the field of studies in entrepreneurship within the scope of small and medium-sized companies.