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Caleb Dupuy and Raisa Moborrod

Diverse Global Perspectives of Sustainability in the Jesuit Business Network

Throughout our education, sustainability has taken on different meanings. As we advanced in our education, we began to explore the question of what is being done on sustainability in Jesuit business education worldwide. The presentation will give a summary of sustainability literature. Another part of the presentation will include initial virtual interviews with Jesuit business school leaders. These interviews provided diverse global perspectives in the Jesuit network, helping us understand the variety of ways people view sustainability and what their respective institutions have done. Prior to the World Forum, additional interviews will be done with university leaders in the Jesuit network. In the presentation, we will summarize these initial findings. We are developing a survey to obtain data showing the extent of sustainability in the Jesuit business curriculum. We will ask World Forum participants to discuss what they believe will best contribute to developing curriculum strategies. The results may also enhance the efforts in the Inspirational Paradigm curriculum initiative. This presentation and research seek to further explore the topic and to obtain meaningful feedback on what will guide Jesuit business education strategies. The final results will be presented at upcoming conferences.