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Nicholas Santos, Michael Pirson, Kevin Stephens, Rudy Ang

Creating a World that works for Everyone by Transforming Business Education- The journey of the Humanistic Leadership Academy

PURPOSE: To share and engage with like-minded faculty and administrators that see business education as a sacred possibility to transform the world to work for everyone. The paper describing the workshop and the initiative on which it is based will be submitted by May 15th. The workshop and paper will 1. Summarize basics premises of humanistic leadership as a manifestation of catholic social teaching in practice, 2. Describe the activities of the Humanistic Leadership Academy 3. Showcase curricular maps for developing students and faculty 4. Provide a sample workshop exercise CONTEXT: Laudato Si’, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Inspirational Paradigm for Jesuit Business Education provide the opportunity for Jesuit business schools to play a leading role in working with all the world’s business schools to create a sustainable/flourishing/regenerating world. Drawing on wisdom developed over time, professors can invite students into a powerful conversation on discernment and leadership that is unique and timely. WORLD FORUM SESSION: In the symposium/workshop, we will outline the approach of Humanistic Leadership and Management as one pathway to provide business education aligned with Laudato Si. We will outline the genesis and principles of humanistic leadership- the protection of dignity and the promotion of well-being. We then present a scorecard to assess business programs in terms of their alignment with the Inspirational Paradigm, Catholic Social Teaching and Laudato Si. We demonstrate sample curriculum for faculty and student development and provide a sample exercise. We will engage with participants in terms of feedback, what is missing and how such a program could be applied to serve their faculty and students. SUPPORTING SESSIONS: This workshop is one of a series of similar conference workshops proposed to the Eastern Academy of Management, Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education, IESE Business Ethics conference, UN PRME, and Academy of Management. Those sessions seek to build a vibrant, collaborative network of business schools leading the way to a sustainable world. THE PAPER AND WORLD FORUM SESSION: The paper and speakers in the sessions will focus on: - Providing a background on humanistic leadership and management and its alignment with Laudato Si, Catholic Teaching and the Inspirational Paradigm. - Presenting a scorecard to assess current business programs with regard to the Inspirational Paradigm - Showcasing sample curriculum for faculty and student development - Workshop sample exercises - Gathering Feedback