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Stephanie Gapud

When Cura Personalis Means Dropping the ACT or the SAT

One area in higher education that is changing is the process of admitting membership to the institution. Traditionally, entrants to the halls of higher education are expected to take a 3-hour long examination (ACT or SAT). The National Center for Fair and Open Testing has been the voice of the movement advocating for the dropping of standardized testing as a blanket measure of intelligence and capability of students to finish college education. To date, more than 1,830 schools do not require ACT/SAT scores from current high school seniors applying for Fall 2022 (FairTest, 2022). Furthermore, The Catholic University of America is one of the 84 campuses with “test-blind,” “test-free,” or “score-free” admissions policies for Fall 2022 (or beyond) institutions that will not consider ACT/SAT scores (FairTest, 2022). More than ever, small private schools are finding it hard to recruit students considering the decreasing population of high school graduates. I posit that joining the movement to eliminate the ACT/SAT requirement is the business strategy that aligns with the Jesuit Ignatian spirituality "Cura Personalis". I will discuss this institutional change topic using the entrepreneurship and resource-based view theory (RBV).