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Marilu Marcillo

TAKING EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING ON THE ROAD Engaging students in International Business through Corporate Visits.

Abstract Title: Taking Experiential Learning on the Road; Engaging students in International Business through Corporate Visits. The field of international business is ever changing, especially in light of the changing political discourse around trade agreements and tariffs. This provides both an opportunity and challenge in teaching international business/international marketing. What we teach and how teach must keep up with the evolving landscape and one way to ensure the curriculum keeps up with these changes is to engage private corporate partners in the classroom experience. This paper will highlight how these types of partnerships coupled with the theoretical pedagogy can provide students a real-life understanding of the challenges and opportunities of international business which is often missed in the traditional classroom experience. In this case, the classroom experience is centered around in-class lectures/discussions, cross cultural virtual team case studies, and field trip experiences to various local international corporate partners. Within this paper the faculty, one field corporate partner: UPS, and students will share their experience in teaching undergraduate students’ international business and the impact that this has had for all parties; the students, the university and the corporate partner. For category: The role of business schools