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Amar KJR Nayak

Deconstructing the nature of Nature

At the frontiers of every major field of study of human beings, the nature of Nature seem to be manifested that is uncertainty. Whether it be planetary sciences, physical sciences, natural sciences, philosophy, theology, social sciences, economics, management, or cybernetics, the commonality of uncertainty has been highlighted. From the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of particle, big bang theory, theory of relativity, string theory, etc in planetary and physical sciences, to evolutionary theories, and variations as observed by Charles Darwin, phenomenon of thesis and antithesis of Hegel, market uncertainty in economics and business, as well as dynamic evolution process in artificial intelligence, and many more scholarly work in different fields of study manifest the uncertainty in Nature. By reviewing the various fields of studies, the article highlights the commonality of uncertainties observed in different fields. Following this part of the analysis, the articles argues on the three axioms of Nature, viz., interconnectedness, interdependence, and interactions. The article than draws the attention to how the core values of humanism, religious values, moral philosophy, and constitutional values can be derived from these three axioms of the Nature. Second, it argues how the core principle of systems science; viz., the strength of a chain is the strength of the weakest link or the argument for charity or corporate social responsibility or rationale for SDG compass for corporation are deeply linked to these axioms. Third, the article presents the evidences from an action research project on one hectare farm where the three laws of natures was systematically adhered to which resulted to flourishing nature of this farm in terms of production, productivity, net incomes, ecosystem services, quality of life, most importantly, the regenerative nature of farm was observed.