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Cristian Geldes, Jorge Heredia, Alejandro Flores, Jorge Peña.

Social Innovation and Sustainability Strategies in Firms of Emerging Economies

This study investigates the relationship between social innovation and corporate sustainability in an emerging economy context. In addition, the relationship between environmental sustainability and economic sustainability according to firm size. We use data corresponding to 1,055 companies extracted from the Tenth National Innovation Survey of Chile based on the Oslo Manual (OCED, 2005) as a case of the emerging economy. We applied a chi-square test of contingency tables, which allows us to compare two variables and analyze the significance of their relationship. The results indicate that social innovation and sustainability (environmental and economic) are positive and significant. However, the result for medium and small companies because of cost factors. Finally, this study demonstrates the negative relationship between environmental sustainability and economic sustainability. Keywords: Social innovation, Environmental sustainability, Economic sustainability, Emerging economies.