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Dr. J.R Jha , Dr. Namrata V Jasrotia

Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (With reference to Rag Pickers Community in Jahangirpuri, District, and New Delhi)

Global social and environmental trends represent pressing concerns for the future health of the Earth and its impact on mankind and environment. The structure and incentives in the current global political-economic system have yet to find solutions and strategies to mitigate global, national and local environmental challenges. Caritas Switzerland has set a mission holding hands with Chetanalaya for climate change through social entrepreneurship with rag pickers community of Jahangirpuri, New Delhi. The main objective of the paper is to identify and asses the innovative practices and solutions for bringing climate change in Jahangirpuri. To critically analyze building up of Human Capital through interventions like financial support and marketing linkages for bringing about Sustainable Climate Change. The present paper highlights the social entrepreneurship initiatives taken by women CBOs who formed Jute Making Units and Pet Bottling Units. The paper also presents the issues and challenges faced by the Rag Pickers community to sustain in their livelihood and contribute the environmental climate change. The present research work is descriptive in nature and is based on the secondary data collected from the evaluation study of the Impact Assessment of the Rag Pickers Development Project at Jahangirpuri, New Delhi April 2019 from various stakeholders for example CBOs Interview Schedule, Pet Bottle Recycling Unit and Jute Bag Making Unit. Key Words: Social Entrepreneurship, Climate Change, Rag Pickers, Human Capital and Sustainability.