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Dr. Vicente Espínola Verdín, Mtro. Nelson Manuel García González

La Empresa y sus relaciones como detonante del buen convivir

The management models of corporate social responsibility in Mexico present an approach aimed at managing the company's impacts, although this model has generated a significant contribution, it has been limited to mitigating the effects on the communities where they are inserted, without a fundamentally transforming the type of relationships that the company has with its environment; pending in his proposal the generation of structural changes and a profound change in the business vision aimed at caring for people and their environments. Through an empirical analysis of different contributions such as social responsibility, B corps, social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, their approaches are contrasted with the principles of common well, biocentrism and an ethic of care. With this, a theoretical model of the Revolving Company is proposed, which proposes as a central axis the need to harmonize the relations of the company in order to strengthen the sensitivity towards the preservation of any expression of life, transforming as a consequence the dynamics and behaviors existing in the company, the market, society and the environment. This biding business model does not forget to identify problems or needs of people, groups or populations, and to generate profitable business models; it also considers that the origin of economic justice and any sustainable process is the result of close and healthy relationships and through this transition, structural changes are affected in the companies themselves, in their value chain and in the companies themselve, market and social structures, which resignify the contribution of the company with its collaborators, stakeholders and environment.