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Dr. Marco Tavanti, University of San Francisco, School of Management Dr. Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, Fmr. Director World Bank and President, Zambuling Institute Ms. Elizabeth A. Wilp, Vice-President, SCI-Institute / SDG. services

Integrating Sustainability into Management Education: Lessons from International, Jesuit, and Buddhist Principles and Practices.

Sustainability, global responsibility and social innovations are rapidly growing worldwide as part of a common agenda and international priority. Yet, higher education institutions and management programs are still slow in incorporating these paradigms and value-based perspectives to change the world for our common and better future. The integration of sustainability into management education has been so slow and so fragmented that it undermines the mission and values of Jesuit education and other value-driven institutions. This paper reviews the major advancements in the international communities which promote sustainability and global responsibility paradigms. It also provides suggestions for better integrating Ignatian pedagogy and Buddhist perspectives into management education. Based on these analyses, the authors present practical recommendations to more effectively integrate sustainability into management education to help develop conscious sustainability leaders for the 21st century.