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María Guadalupe López Molina, Ramiro A. Bernal Cuevas


The Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla decided to create an entrepreneurship program as part of the 2016-2020 Departmental Project of the Science and Engineering Department. This program has the aim to promote entrepreneurial mentality and the development of technical, business and interpersonal skills in students. The design of this program, in the last two years, has involved testing methodologies of three distinguished international universities in entrepreneurship. In this work the experiences are described and the learnings that have allowed profiling the final version of the entrepreneurship program are described. In all of them, professors from foreign universities and our university participated, as well as students from different disciplines and even from other national and international universities. Some of the most important key elements that were detected to achieve the success of the program are: the enterprises must be in teams and multidisciplinary with the social economy model; the technological ingredient must be present in the projects; Frugal innovation can be an element that triggers proposals for solution in contexts of social disadvantage; students should be given autonomy; The roles of the teachers involved should include mentor, facilitator and coach; the program must be focused on a real context with business goals; learning spaces and the work environment should favor inter and multidisciplinary work; learning by doing should be favored; It should include time for reflection of learning and 360-degree evaluation.