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Culture and language, its influence on leadership

This article presents a case study of a Mexican company where there is collaboration between 2 cultures, a leader of Hindu origin and a Mexican working group. The following research questions are posed: how does culture and language influence leadership in the areas of production? and in turn, how does culture and language influence the organizational culture derived from the interaction between the leader and his group? In the theoretical framework different concepts of culture and language were analyzed through verbal communication and its relationship with leadership. An instrument of comparison between the cultures of India and Mexico will be used through the lenses of the 6-dimensional model of Geert Hofstede focusing on the dimensions of power distance, individualism and masculinity, in addition to interviews with the leader and members of his group to identify their perception related to leadership. The results demonstrate the conflicts that arise from the different ways of understanding the same concept due to cultural and / or language differences between the foreign leader and the members of his group, as well as the difficulties of adapting the foreign leader to the local culture. Keywords: Culture, language, leadership, India.