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Delio I. Castaneda, Sergio Cuellar, Diana Solano

Business Education before and in times of Pandemic

Abstract The paper aims to investigate the academic production in business education in the five previous years (2015-2019) of the COVID19 pandemic and during the pandemic (2020 and the first quarter of 2021), and to evaluate commonalities and differences between the two periods. The method employed in this study was a systematic review. The study used two databases to obtain the literature associated with the research question: the Web of Science Core Collection and Scopus. To identify the evolution of the research topic, the lifecycle theory was applied. A complementary analysis was implemented to identify the number of publications and the number of authors per year. An analysis of key terms was developed in which the core, emergent, growing, and declining topics were identified by their H index. There are multiple lessons from this research that can be applied to universities and institutions dedicated to training students in business education. The objective of business education is to train students for future jobs and professional achievements. In the last year, teaching has been growing in virtual environments as the option for learning. Teachers have had to learn tools based on information and communication technologies and deal with motivational problems of students in non-face-to-face education. It has been found that cooperative learning through discussion in virtual contexts contributes to student´s performance and motivation, in such a way that business education will be less masterfully and more centered in the development of student´s skills.