26th Annual Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education Meeting

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Joan Lee, Kara Hunter

Yes, you can use the IPP in your class!

At a recent gathering of faculty on our campus, we were surprised when several faculty members from various departments said they couldn’t use the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP) in their disciplines. Having applied the IPP in accounting classes, we had assumed that if you could use the IPP in accounting, you could use it anywhere! To counter their arguments that the IPP couldn’t be used in [fill in your favorite discipline], we conducted a review of the literature on application of the IPP in various disciplines. The bulk of the papers on implementing the IPP were published in Journal of Jesuit Business Education and Journal of Jesuit Higher Education, but papers also have appeared in mainstream journals such as the Journal of Business Ethics. The literature shows broad application of the IPP and offers insights into how the IPP can be adapted to special situations. The rest of this paper includes an overview of the IPP, followed by the review of the literature on implementing the IPP, and the lessons that emerged from it. The paper concludes with suggestions on adapting the IPP in disciplines in which no studies yet have been reported.