26th Annual Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education Meeting

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Han Yan

Developing Jesuit Business Education with a Global Mindset

Benefiting from the advance in technology and globalization, people and businesses around the world are connected more than ever before. Recognizing the increasing connections of the world we live in, it is critical for Jesuit business schools to create international educational experiences for our students. Leveraging the existing Jesuit global network and their international faculties, business schools are ready to develop programs that bring the world to our students and take our students to see the world. First, by admitting international students, institutions increase the cultural diversity on campus, which enables domestic students to interact and build relationships with students from different countries and cultures. Second, through creating affordable and flexible study abroad programs, business schools can take their students to experience diverse cultures and customs and to further develop global perspectives in their way of thinking. Therefore, to prepare for the next quarter century of Jesuit education, Jesuit business schools should reflect on the Context element of the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm and develop business programs with a global mindset. This study presents descriptive statistics on Jesuit business schools’ international students and study abroad programs.