25th Annual IAJBS World Forum / Inaugural CJBE South Asia Regional Chapter Meeting

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Karyl B. Leggio, Ph.D.

Flourishing in Finance: An Applications Approach Utilizing the Flipped, Hybrid Course Format

Loyola University Maryland recently revised its MBA curriculum. No longer will students without a background in finance be required to take the prerequisite GB 622 “Introduction to Finance” course. In addition, students with a background in finance will no longer be able to waive out of the required finance course, GB 703, “Financial Application and Strategy.” All graduate students will take GB 703. Traditional lecture course formats are passive learning experiences for students. They tend to target the average student, thus leaving bright students bored and novice students confused. Since financial concepts build upon each other, many students struggle in this course. Technological tools proliferate and are being used to change the educational experience in business schools. Studies show that MBA students like the flexibility technology affords them, yet the question remains: how do graduate programs use technology to provide the desired flexibility while enhancing the students’ educational experience? Particularly in an MBA program, where the value of developing a network and enhancing peer interaction is important to students, technological solutions can be a challenge. This paper presents an approach to using a flipped, hybrid classroom approach to extend the learning experience for graduate business students. The time freed by moving the lecture online provides opportunity for experiential activities in the classroom, for a focus on discussing and understanding current financial news, and for the introduction of ethical dilemmas for students to contemplate and discuss.