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AnaMaria Conley, Ph.D., Aimee Wheaton, Ph.D.

Jesuit Colleges Meet Market Forces: How Ought We to Respond?

There are dramatic changes within higher education. External pressures on universities include changes in their financial resourcing and increased competition from new types of institutions. Institutions of higher education are adapting internally to the external pressures. Three of these adaptations are changes in the professoriate, changes to the student body and the corporatization of institutions of higher education. Business schools are at the forefront of these adaptations. The key question is, how should Jesuit colleges of business respond to these pressures? Jesuit colleges of business will need to reconcile market pressures and trends in higher education with the need to remain Jesuit. The need is to remain true to our Jesuit values while at the same time responding to changes in the increasingly complex market of higher education.